My first blog about blogs?

Here I am on a Saturday, sitting on my computer thinking about how to do this blog assignment. I thought it was a pain. The plan to tackle this assignment was to skim and conquer. However, although I did skim through the blogs, nonetheless it did peak my interests. Honestly, before this assignment I didn’t even fully understand what a blog was. I thought it was exactly like a journal, but that’s not the case. There are a variety of topics and formats of blogs. I’ve found three blogs that 1. was heartwarming, 2. disgusting, 3. funny. there are infinite possibilities of these blogs. 

The first blog I read was Jon Evan’s “It’s Almost Time To Throw Out Your Books”, he wrote about the change from physical copies of our books to electrical charges. I despise books, but I can understand how bittersweet or just painful change might be. I have a few books that no matter what happens I’d keep the physical copy of the book like he does. I love personal stories and this one did the trick. The second blog was about monitoring your children’s data usage with apps… What??? this blog disgusted me. Are children not allowed privacy? Must children be forced to be under their parents’ hands? Could this even lead to parent’s monitoring in college? I hate the idea of giving no freedom to one’s children. I’m a clever man, so when I did my secret things I’d go incognito, but if they can bypass that I’d be so sad… The last one was 20 worst advertisements. Quite humorous, very dirty humor, but you’d get a chuckle out of every one of them. 

Firstly, I had never fully realized how harmful technological advances can be. I mean, I’m a technology fan-boy, but the electronic books and children monitoring, just scares me… and Like I said before, my views on blogs have dramatically changed, I guess that’s what they call first hand experience?